Holding Your Breath

You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath….

Have you seen “Despicable Me” when the little girl holds her breath because she does not get her way? I think I do the same thing with Jesus, but just in other ways.

When we accept Christ’s love, are we placing conditions with it? For example: “I will accept this love of yours, Jesus, only if you give me everything I ask for and do it exactly how I expect it to be done. If not then I will hold my breath until you agree.”
How do we “hold our breaths”?

As much as we think we could be hurting Jesus or making God feel guilty, we are only hurting ourselves by such pride and control. God would love to love us, but never is love forced upon us when it comes to God. Our addictions to worldly things – those things that make us happy – only last for short moments. By placing our trust into those things we gamble our security and safety. They can turn to dust in a moment or be taken away instantly. Our human survival is dependent on love. Without it we would not learn to trust one another, work together, or even begin building community.

God’s love is sustainable, everlasting, ever-growing, and unbreakable. It can’t cause long-term destruction of our bodies like things such as drugs or diet plans can. And it can’t destroy our wallets that shopping sprees can cause. When we hold our breaths, it is as if we are telling God that “until you can give me everything I WANT (since we are so great at knowing what we need!), I am going to depend on this cigarette for calming, the alcohol as a memory eraser, the clothing and makeup for self worth, and these other lost people as my teachers and influences.” AKA: “I’m going to hold my breath.”

Hope that works for you. When you are ready to give that up and recognize your true worth and have Christ as your example, he is available with arms wide open.

You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath…but why live life at the brink of death?

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