The “Wants”

The “Wants”

Reblogged from:  Orange Community of Christ’s “Peace Blog”

Have you ever struggled with the “wants”? Do you know what I mean? The “wants” is a nasty disease. For me I come down with a bad case anytime I enter a store like Guitar Center or BestBuy. I find myself looking at all these amazingly nice and great things, while simultaneously understanding that I can’t afford any of it. Now do you know what I mean?

I think a lot of us have had a bout or two with the “wants”.  We live in a society where it is kind of the norm. You have a job so you can go out and get the things you need and have a little extra to get the things you want. The problem for me is that, when I read about Jesus in the Gospels I get this idea that more stuff isn’t really going to fulfill me; its not going to give me deep lasting joy that will be there regardless. For example:

“As he came near and saw the city, he wept over it, saying, “If you, even you, had only recognized on this day the things that make for peace!…” (Luke 19:41-42)

For me, I know that a nice flat screen isn’t going to propel my community closer to a state of peace. I know that more drum equipment and musical stuff isn’t going to transform my community into a reflection of the kingdom of God. So why do I struggle so often with the “wants”????

This question leads me to this thought. When we are living in true, right community with one another. We have no need for most of our wants. We are released of our temporary joy for something far greater, something far more powerful. We find ourselves consumed with love and authentic happiness. A good example of this, for you Community of Christ folks, would be reunion or camp. You go to camp and set aside the majority of our material possessions and we seem to do fine. Perhaps we do even better than just fine, we thrive. We aren’t concerned with the news or our TV shows because we have each other.

Discipleship/faith is not about materialism. It is not about more stuff. It is about authentic mutual relationships that mirror the Kingdom of God. To find and create the things that make for peace as Jesus talks about, we aren’t supposed to look inside of a BestBuy or a Guitar Center. We need to be looking towards each other.  To find the things that make for peace, we need to begin cultivating our own response to our personal calling to make this world, our neighborhoods, a better place. Peace is not found in stuff. It is found in you and I and the powerful Holy Spirit that binds us together in harmony and love.

So may we find the things that make for Peace as we struggle and journey together.

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