Family Lent Resource

by Jeri Lauren Lambert, Community of Christ Children and Family Ministries

I am excited to bring this accessible resource to our friends and families in search of a family devotion during the Lenten season.  With GOD All Things Are Possible: Family Devotions for the Days of Lent is an inexpensive 32 page booklet of family readings for each day of Lent. For a glimpse of the spirit of the writing please find the introduction quoted below.  Wishing each of you and yours a blessed and spirit-filled Lenten season!

Available on ebooks Kindle and Nook for .99
Available through Creative Communications, booklets 1.49/ea.

With GOD All Things Are Possible: Family Devotions for the Days of Lent 
by Kris Berggren
Throughout the Bible, many seemingly impossible things happen: Noah builds a boat to carry his family and pairs of creatures to safety during a terrible flood.  Abram and Sarai, a very old couple without children, are given new hope and new names when God promises they will have a child and descendents as numerous as the stars.  Peter, James and John witness their friend and teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, become transfigured in dazzling light on a mountaintop.

Through these stories, we begin to see ourselves in that long line of believers who trust in God’s promise of mercy in times of trouble.  Just like the ancient Israelites, the disciples of Jesus and the faithful throughout the ages, we experience seemingly impossible things: finding a heart to forgive, hope in tough times, growing in faith.  Praying each day of Lent, we ask the Lord to renew our hearts and strengthen us to act from our faith.  May our family Lenten journey deepen our love for God and for one another.
– Kris Berggren

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