News Blip: Daily Bread Blog

News Blip:  Daily Bread Blog

Looking for a quick daily devotional from Community of Christ?
Daily Bread has a new blog:

The mobile-friendly blog offers content from the Daily Bread book and is open for comments. Encourage your congregation to check it out and subscribe to take advantage of this daily discipline.

One thought on “News Blip: Daily Bread Blog

  1. David Brock says:

    DAILY BREAD is often seen as a spiritual discipline resource for more senior adults; those adults without a “young” at the beginning. From one who can no longer use “young” without stretching the truth beyond the stretching point, I would invite my young adult friends to sign up and give it a chance for a week. Let it appear in your mailbox each morning and see how it feels for a few days. Today, comments on earth stewardship from Australia. Yesterday, memories from former Apostle Roy Schaefer who passed away last year, but left such an amazing legacy in his missionary, health ministry, and community activism through the years. Tomorrow? Sign up and give it a look. You won’t be disappointed.

    David R. Brock
    Presiding Evangelist

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