From the Temple to a Cell Group: Intro

I love our church.   I don’t know anything else.    Like many of you, I was born and raised here.   I grew up watching my pastor, grandfather, uncles, cousins, and mother put their hearts and souls into this church.   This church was at the center of our lives.

As I have grown up, I continue to love this church.   I believe in our beliefs and principles.  I believe in how we uphold and value the ministry and worth of each person.    I believe in our ability to touch lives even in the darkest of places.   As someone that feels a deep calling to serve God and the mission of Christ I am proud that this church is where I live out my calling.

I want you to know that I am writing this solely out of love.

Folks, if we want to survive as a faith movement, if we want our church to continue to be a relevant part of the spiritual lives of generations to come, then things have to change.   And we need to not only let them change, we need to drive that change from the bottom up.

Over the next few months, I am going to make my case for why we need to rethink “how” we do church.   I am going to make the case that our methods of worship are slow, overbearing, inefficient, and in many cases ineffective.  I am going to make the case that our deep desires to reflect the images and successes of larger mega-churches will lead to failure.

“From the Temple to a Cell Group” is my attempt to make the case that in order for us to respond to Christ’s mission for our church we need to think small and intimate and to walk away from both “church” as we know it and our internal desires to “go big”.

While you will not agree with every thought and every word, my hope and prayer is that over the next few months you will receive my thoughts with the spirit that I write them.

I love this church.
I serve a God that loves this world.
I serve a Christ that calls us into the darkest places of the world.
Our future lies serving in those darkest places.
We must change for the sake of that calling….

More to come…

God Bless – Brian

5 thoughts on “From the Temple to a Cell Group: Intro

  1. karlijo says:

    I’ll be interested to hear your (and other’s) thoughts too. For too long we have maintained that church happens at our local congregations, that this is where we experience “the church”. I haven’t been “to church” (regularly) in years, but would like to think that I do church most days. I’m not disconnected to CofC because I’m disconnected to my local congregation.

  2. I so agree! Mega churches are successful because they cater to the individual in a certain geographic region, rather than focusing on a real global community as the Community of Christ does. Of course this raises challenges in relating to all those different kinds of people. I know someone who goes to a large church and once heard him ask someone else, “Does that lady go to our church?” I can’t imagine not knowing and loving every single member of my home church family (and wherever I go), as the name “Community of Christ” certainly calls us to do.
    I’m interested to see what your points will be. I just think we as Young Adults (myself included) need to be more willing to take ownership of our faith & be confident in explaining all of the beautiful things that we believe to others. I think a lot of people would really like what we have to say, we just have to take the first step!

  3. Rich Brown says:

    Excellent post. A decade ago we had the good sense (in responding to prophetic guidance and urgency) to change the church’s name to include the word “community.” Although we’ve made some progress since then, much work still needs to be done to more fully understand ourselves first and foremost as a believing community rather than just another institutional church. Not surprisingly we still have a great many struggling congregations wondering how they will manage to keep the doors to their buildings open. As we turn our focus from maintaining buildings in which ministry can take place to being servant ministers who, on occasion, use buildings (and other “things”) as a means to an end, I believe we will witness the transformation you and I–and so many others–long for.

  4. Paul says:

    I completely agree. Not to say that there couldn’t be a Community of Christ mega-church, but I really don’t see that being how we excel. I think there’s something to be said for doing what we do, and doing it well. And we need to do it better.

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