Spiritual Shrilk

December 13, 2011, researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have designed a new material based on the chemical structure and mechanics of insect exoskeletons. This low-cost, biodegradable material, dubbed Shrilk, could potentially replace the use of plastic for many purposes. Shrilk would help to alleviate growing environmental degradation caused by plastics.

Amazing. Engineering teaming with biology to use God’s blueprints to create technology which lies in harmony with nature.  Engineering and biology, two fields which often seem at odds with one another, with engineers creating technology that is often detrimental to nature. Yet the two are working together to make something miraculous. It makes me think of another, similar, standoff. Science versus religion.

You all know what I’m talking about, Creationism and the “E” word. A dispute that often erupts in anger and name calling. Often God’s Creation is used to combat scientific theories.  Let’s use plate tectonics as an example. So the belief is that God created the earth. Does that mean that the earth cannot move and change? God created water, right? Water is constantly moving and changing. Does your belief really conflict with plate tectonics?

Let’s not let the science folks off the hook too fast. So the whole universe started with the Big Bang, you say? What caused the Big Bang? Could it be a higher power? A higher power some might like to refer to as “God”? Does your belief really conflict with a theory that God created the earth?

Does your belief in science really contradict religion? Does your belief in creationism truly conflict with science? OR, can science and religion work together to create an even better idea? Can we collaborate to create a spiritual Shrilk, if you will? My hypothesis is yes.

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