New Year, Old Resolutions

New Year, Old Resolutions

Reblogged from: Orange Community of Christ’s “Peace Blog”

Orange, California, USA
Monday, November 7, 2011

Where were you when we heralded in the new year? What thoughts were running through your mind? Were they hopes of change? Dreams of potential? Excitement for a fresh new start?

My husband, Zac, was called by a gym right before the New Year. “This is the time to sign up for a membership because our prices are significantly higher in the New Year- many people join because of New Year’s resolutions.” The gym owners know that at the start of a New Year, we are often filled with motivation. “This year things will be different. This year I will change what needs to be changed.” Yet, how often do February and March roll around and dull that motivation we were feeling? What is it about New Year’s resolutions that make them notoriously prone to failure?

In this new year, let us instead make old resolutions: resolutions as old as the birth of Jesus into our suffering world, as old as the Hebrew prophets signaling justice and peace and systemic change. Let us make old resolutions that stem from covenants between us and God and our ancestors and our earth. May our resolutions return us to the deep roots of our faith and God’s vision of peace for our earth. May we continue what was started long ago, to renew our sense of calling on the journey we have already been traveling. The new year comes with new potential, new opportunities, but an old mission- the mission of Jesus Christ that is making all things new, at all times.

May this year be the year of old resolutions made reality. Food to the hungry. Shelter to the homeless. Love to the abandoned and forgotten. This year, in an election year, may our values and faith influence our politics instead of the other way around. May we recognize God’s constant presence in our life and pay closer attention to God’s presence in others as we continue to grow in spiritual maturity together.

May this be a year of peace. May our old covenants, old dreams, old visions be brought into the newness of this year and turned into reality in all the ways we have yearned for for so long.

There is no need to start over. Only to continue with fresh vision and the promise of new life that lies ahead. May this be the year of God’s vision of shalom for all of creation brought that much closer to reality in this place and all places. This year, may all our old resolutions be lived out to their fullness so that we may become who we have always been called to become.

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