Reblog: What Is Most Important?

What Is Most Important?

Reblogged from: Herald Magazine’s “Connect / Engage / Inspire”

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

At the age of 20, I discovered the key to ending poverty. I spent my first two years of college in the middle of Kansas, at Bethany College. I then transferred to Park University in Parkville, Missouri.

It was like freshman year all over again. I had to make new friends and find a new place to fit in. I played soccer at both colleges, but because I transferred late, I initially was not eligible at Park. Instead, I was “redshirted,” which meant I could practice but not play in games until the next year.

I felt insecure, but the assistant coach made me feel welcome. He liked to collect apparel from different colleges and universities. Because he had never heard of Bethany College, he wanted to swap gear. I gave him a Bethany soccer sweatshirt. In return he gave me an Adidas jacket. It was red and black, the same colors as my high school. I enjoyed wearing it.

After a tough start at a new school, I was able to go on a mission trip to Honduras with my mission center. The weather in Honduras in late December and early January is rainy, but the temperatures are in the mid-70s to upper 80s. My new jacket was perfect because it was light and kept me dry.

In Honduras, many people struggle with poverty. They live off only a few dollars a week. Many things we buy are out of reach for them. Our leader brought with him a suitcase filled with jeans, t-shirts, and shoes, because these are hard for Hondurans to afford. A $50 pair of jeans equals a month’s worth of food for some families.

On the last day, we….

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