The Cycle of Lost

I had a couple of hours to kill and a lot of stress to unload.   I decided to get my motorcycle and hit the country road.   This time was a bit different than most.  Instead of riding my normal roads (I am a creature of habit), I decided to get lost.   I decided to just ride, taking roads that I had no clue where they would lead or how far they would go.

Early on, it felt like a bad decision.   I am a anxious planner and the crippling  feeling of not being in control consumed me.  I was a wreck.   Where am I?  Where should I be?   What happens if I run out of gas?  What happens if I blow a tire?    I was ruining the journey and I knew it.

After about an hour of riding, I pulled over to the side of the road and got off of my bike.   I needed a moment of reflection and honesty…  I took a few minutes to just soak in my surroundings.

I discovered a beautiful place.  The sky was bright and clear.  The woods were lush and thick.   The roads were curved and perfect.   I found a beautiful place.   I got back on my bike, realized that I had plenty of gas, and went in a general direction that I knew would lead me home…  eventually.    In the process, I soaked in what was the best ride of the year and discovered a joy and peace that day that I spiritually needed.

I think sometimes we look at “being lost” as a horrible thing.   Lost cannot be good.   So we do whatever we can not to be, not to look, not to feel…  lost.

What if we saw the process of getting lost to some degree an inevitable part of our journey with God?   One that forces us to face new fears.  One that forces us to depend on God in new ways.    One that causes us to re-discover Christ calling us to new and fresh things.

Maybe it’s our fear of being lost that causes us to never be truly found?

The world needs transparent followers of Christ.  Showing and teaching what it means to not only be found in Christ BUT also the process of being lost and found again and again in Christ.

May you re-discover a God of beauty and find spiritual healing as you find your way back from your lost moments.

God Bless – Brian

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