Disciple Formation… It Takes Practice

Disciple formation is something that is as natural as listening to music. And as intentional as learning to play a 5,000-pipe organ. It’s natural, but it takes practice.

Ideas for practicing your discipleship are literally at your fingertips—on the church’s new Disciple Formation Guide. Over 1000 ideas are there: videos, lesson plans, planning tools, and individual ideas to plug into your worship, retreat, family times, or personal study. User scenarios show how a youth leader, worship planner, family, teacher and you can find all the resources needed to create awesome events. And a resource database helps you narrow your search for anything you need.

Check out the guide at www.CofChrist.org/dfg.
Watch the Disciple Formation video.

And send us your ideas to add to the guide. How do you practice growing in your discipleship?  What creative or fun ideas have you tried at camps or retreats?

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