Nature Challenge

When do you feel closest to God? Is it when you’re at church? When you experience a milestone in your life? When you experience the charity and grace of your community? When you’re praying at night in bed?

For me, I feel closest to God when I am alone in nature. I find myself having conversations with God that I never had before during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nature, as it is in life, provides us with many blessings. However, it also provides many challenges. When nature is beautiful and calming I find myself thanking God for all that I have in my life. I also find room to work out daily life struggles which may be causing me frustration, but get shoved to the side with all of the other things I spend my energy focusing on.

When nature is challenging, this is when I really grow closer to God. When I struggle, I find myself speaking to God, asking for help, asking for strength, asking for relief. At the end of all of the challenges God has presented me with through nature, I am still here. I am stronger in heart, mind, body, and faith alike. When I rise to the occasion to meet an obstacle that nature and God present, I find myself thinking that God not only granted what I needed to overcome that particular challenge, God also gives me the ability to overcome daily problems with confidence, strength, and knowledge.

My challenge to you is to take out your iPod earbuds, shut off the television, leave the computer.
Find a natural place nearby through which you can walk in solitude.
You might find yourself having a conversation with God that you never expected.

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