Peace Colloquy, Intl. Peace Award, & “YA Read Together”

Community of Christ Intl. Peace Award

Friday, October 21


Come to the Temple in Independence, Missouri, or join a live webcast at Friday, October 21, at 7:30 p.m. CDT.  The 2011 Community of Christ International Peace Award will be presented to Terry Tempest Williams during a ceremony that also opens the annual Peace Colloquy.

Williams is a visionary author, naturalist, and environmental activist. Her books include Finding Beauty in a Broken World and The Open Space of Democracy.

She will share a keynote address, “Finding Beauty in a Broken World,” and accept a sculpture and $20,000 (funded by Bank of America Guy I. Bromley Charitable Trust) to benefit the Environmental Humanities Graduate Program at the University of Utah.

Learn more at

Peace Colloquy

The Temple
October 21-23

The 2011 Peace Colloquy will be held October 21–23 at the Temple in Independence, Missouri, with the theme “Creating Hope, Healing Earth.”

Join us for another exciting and spirit-filled colloquy of community building, learning, and encouraging each other as we pursue peace on Earth by fostering the healing of all of Creation.

Register today!

“YA Read Together”:
The Open Space of Democracy

Join in the YA conversation!

Young adults across CofChrist are reading 2011 Intl. Peace Award winner Terry Tempest Williams’ short book The Open Space of Democracy.  (Only 100 pages.)  It’s a great way for young adults to unite in peace and justice action, even if we can’t attend the Peace Colloquy.  YAs are leading the church in our commitment to Promote Peace on Earth!
The ceremony is almost here – read it quick and share!

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