YA Preview of President’s Annual Address

Sunday, April 10 at 6:00 pm CDT
President Steve Veazey will share his annual address with the worldwide church, entitled “The Mission Matters Most”.

Can’t join in person?  Get together with friends to watch the live webcast (in English, French, or Spanish).

“Party With The President”
Young adults are specially invited to hang out with Pres. Veazey before his address.  4:00 pm at the Temple in the Continents Room.
He will mingle with us over pizza.  Apostle Stassi Cramm and World Church YA Ministries Specialist Erica Blevins Nye will join in, too.
Pres. Veazey also invites all YAs to sit with World Church Leadership Council and field leaders in the center section of the Sanctuary during the worship.   This event is presented by Central Mission Young Adult Ministries – and all YAs are welcome!  RSVP on Facebook.

Pres. Veazey took the time to answer questions for the YA e-News about the upcoming address and why it’s important for us to tune in.

1. Tell us the importance of such an address to the world church?
This is an annual opportunity for me, as president of the church, to update the church and especially to share vision for the church as we move into the future. It is a time when the church all over the world is connected through presence at the Temple and through the live-streaming of the address over the internet. The worldwide Community of Christ will be gathering in different places and time zones to have conversation about the church’s mission and “what matters most” for the journey ahead.

2. Will you be offering council to the church, to be considered at the next world conference?
While I will not be offering inspired counsel to formally submit to the World Conference, I will be sharing what I believe to be spirit-led direction and vision for the church. I hope and pray that the same Spirit I have felt as I have prepared for the address will bless all those who participate in person or over the web. 

3. As a young adult, why is it important to watch the address?
Over the past two years the Presidency has been meeting with young adults all over the world to talk about the mission and future of the church. In some very significant ways, those conversation have shaped what I will be sharing with the church in terms of overall direction. As those who are called to discipleship and church leadership at all levels of church life now and in the future, I hope that young adults will be inspired and motivated by what I will share.

4.What are some things we young adults can look forward to in the speech?
Instead of talking about “institutional” needs and internal issues, I will be talking about how we understand our mission in the world. I will also be talking about how we are going to align all of our resources with the pursuit of that mission. Based on what young adults have been saying, I think that it will be clear that now is the time for young adults to step up in terms of participation, leadership, and support.

5. Is there anything else you think would be important to cover?
I simply want to personally invite young adults to participate in the event through presence in the Temple or via the webcast. It is an important time to be informed and connected as we move into the future. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of something that will change your lives and the lives of many others.

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