Share Your Witness Generously

Alisha Bauman

“Would you be ready if God sent you an invitation to share His message with others?”

This is a question that flow through my mind daily. Am I ready or even willing?

Recently I spent time in Hawaii visiting my cousin Adam who is stationed there in the Army. One night after church, we found ourselves driving on his base in pouring rain. Up ahead we noticed a lone car stranded in the middle of the road.

A few cars drove by ignoring the hazard lights blinking through the down pour. Adam pulled up to ask if everything was alright. The battery was dead so we got the jumper cables out to help. A couple of guys drove by shouting a few choice words at us letting us know how stupid we looked. Adam kept his focus. After no luck, we pushed the vehicle through ankle deep water to a nearby parking lot. Adam and I returned to our car soaked and waiting for the guy to get in. While we waited Adam said, “I didn’t just stand out in pouring rain for nothing. I’m going to share God with him.”

From the sounds of it, Adam seems to be very confident in his faith and long time “Jesus Freak”. Reality is Adam just recently gave up a life that was very far from God, full of alcohol, clubs, girls, other things. He told me, “I lived so deep for worldly things. I want to live that deep for God now.”

For the next 10 minutes of our drive, we got to know the guy and asked a simple question, “Do you believe in God?” From there Adam shared his testimony.

God places small moments like these into our lives as opportunities to connect and share with others. How hard is it to ask someone `Do you believe in God` or `How are you and God doing`? You are the voice or presence that others may need regardless of boundaries such as age, gender, race, or culture. My cousin set an example for me and seeing him share gave me confidence to share also. We are the examples of Christ’s love, willing to set aside our own priorities and pick up God’s priorities instead.”

Enduring Principle: Grace and Generosity

– God’s grace, especially as revealed in Jesus Christ, is generous and unconditional.
– Having received God’s generous grace, we respond generously and graciously receive the generosity of others.
– We offer all we are and have to God’s purposes as revealed in Jesus Christ.
– We generously share our witness, resources, ministries, and sacraments according to our true capacity.

Read the “We Share Document” with our 9 Enduring Principles.

Alisha Bauman is a youth minister from the Kentucky-Indiana Mission Center living in Indianapolis, IN. She’s working on a bachelor degree in sociology from Indiana University. If she’s not working on church related things then she’s either taking a hike or painting.
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