Canada East Camps

“We Have A Message – What’s Yours?”

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Sr. High Camp has been growing exponentially! Why?
The message is on target, and young adults stay involved as staff.

Young adults are a the heart of Sr. High Camp in Canada East Mission Center. The group has been trying a new model of camp staffing that keeps graduated young adults involved right out of high school. So they never miss a beat, and stay active in camps. So far it’s been working, and camp has been growing exponentially! And ministry with young adults is stronger, too!

Who Says the Right Message Doesn’t Attract?
We’re a group of young adults who come together to give youth a message.
We’re doubling every 5 years because the message is relevant.
We’re doubling every 5 years because the message is real.

So What’s the Message?
Jesus wasn’t a theologian, Jesus didn’t write sermons, Jesus didn’t have a regular ‘go to meeting’ religion, rather his religion was to regularly go out of your way to meet someone – really meet someone – someone who can support you, whom you can support in return… all through life… what a message!
We’re not sure what ministry is… not too sure what worship is all about…. not even sure why we use an old Greek word like gospel… but we do have good news… and we do know how to celebrate it… and we do know it changes lives… so call us religious if you have to… call us a camp congregation if it fits… but more importantly call on us if you need a community!

What we are sure of is this… our Community is the Message!

Submitted by Alfredo Zelaya

One thought on “Canada East Camps

  1. Greg Sutherland says:

    Alfredo. It’s great to hear the success of what you’re doing in eastern Canada. I think your message is right on!

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