YAs at Peace Colloquy 2010

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2010 Community of Christ Intl. Peace Award

Greg Mortenson, author of “Three Cups Of Tea,” “Stones Into Schools” and director of the Central Asia Institute, accepted the 17th annual Community of Christ International Peace Award during the 2010 Peace Colloquy.  During the ceremony on October 29 in the Temple. Community of Christ President Steve Veazey presented Mortenson with the award and a check for $20,000. View it.

President Veazey said to Greg Mortenson:
“The Community of Christ is especially pleased that you are willing to accept the international peace award…. We believe that giving this award to you especially during this time of mounting violence in the area where you have focused much of your work, Pakistan and Afghanistan, is particularly significant as a witness to the world.”
“You are offering to the world not only an alternative vision, but clear evidence that your approach to peace through the education of children actually works.”
Mortenson explained that “Three Cups Of Tea” means when you sit down with someone for tea, the first cup you are a stranger, second cup a friend, and the third cup you are family.
The book “Three Cups Of Tea” has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for 194 weeks in a row, currently number two.

Shortly after his acceptance Mortenson informed those in attendance because of the donation he could make a phone call and get another school going. “This is about the children of the world, it’s about the children who are deprived of education. So, on there behalf I am very honored to accept this award,” Mortenson said. “Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of the next generation is that there are still 120 million children in the world today who are not in school, about 78 million of those are female….The real enemy we all face in America and around the world is ignorance. It’s ignorance that breeds hatred. To overcome ignorance we need compassion, we need courage, we need love and we need education.”

Mortenson concluded his remarks with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., “Even if the world ends tomorrow. I will plant my seed today….The future is in very good hands, it’s with our kids. I know through community service, service learning, courage and faith we are going to live in a better place and we can have peace globally.”

One highlight of the ceremony was the “East Alton Wee Bells”, a preschool bell choir. So cute!

Youth and young adult dancers portrayed the vulnerability of children and the freedom children can find when they are included and cared for.

Peace Colloquy Activities

On Saturday, Dalal Al-Waheidi (31) is executive director for “Free The Children” of Toronto, Canada. She gave a keynote address called “Free the Children: State of the World’s Children”.  View it.

The Young Adult Snack Table was a hit!
A special booth and tables were set aside in the Temple Break Room for young adults to relax, grab some food, play games and get creative. Not a crumb of yumminess was left by Sunday morning.

Once again Community of Christ young adults packed Main Street Coffee House. We keep them open late just for us!

Young adults had lunch together on Saturday.
Then we lead the Daily Prayer for Peace in the Temple Sanctuary on Saturday afternoon. Some terrific music and a proud showing for YAs!

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