Greg Mortenson, Intl. Peace Award Recipient

Brad Martell
Herald, May 2010

Community of Christ International Peace Award
7:30 p.m. CDT
Friday, October 29
Community of Christ Temple, Independence, MO
Live Webcast.

Mountaineer to Peacemaker

In 1993, Mortenson tried to summit Pakistan’s K2, the second-highest peak in the world, to honor his sister, Christa, who had died a year earlier. He planned to leave her necklace on the mountaintop. However, the attempt failed. He found himself lost, separated from fellow climbers, and with only a blanket to protect against a subzero night.

He was bloody and bruised, his heart broken. But he survived the frozen night, finding peace with his failure. In the days to come he made it down the mountain, stumbling into the village of Korphe, where villagers nursed him to health. While in Korphe, he discovered a more meaningful way to honor his sister.

Repaying the compassion and hospitality he received, Mortenson gave away his few possessions and used his medical skills to treat villagers’ broken bones and infections. He became concerned because the village had no school. He saw children writing multiplication tables in the dirt with sticks.

Promoting Peace and Children’s Education

Mortenson became co-founder of the Central Asia Institute with the mission to “promote and support community-based education, especially for girls, in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.” He founded Pennies for Peace, a program to inspire USA kids to help children in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

As of 2010, what began as an effort to build one school had blossomed into 131 schools in rural and often-volatile areas. More than 58,000 children—including 48,000 girls—received educations where few opportunities existed before. Besides coauthoring Three Cups of Tea, a New York Times’ best seller and Time Magazine’s Asia Book of the Year, he wrote another best seller, Stones into Schools.

The journey was hard. The Taliban kidnapped him, he escaped a firefight between feuding Afghan warlords, endured CIA investigations, and received threats from Americans after 9/11 for helping to educate Muslim children.

Read his books: Three Cups of Tea and Stones Into Schools:  Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Peace Colloquy 2010

October 29-31, 2010

The Temple, Independence, MO, USA

Children are suffering the atrocities of war, poverty, malnutrition, and slavery. They lack access to clean water and air, shelter, education, and medical care.
How can we respond?
– Workshops
– Keynote speakers
– Community of Christ Intl. Peace Award

– Prayer retreat
– Children’s program
– Greg Mortenson keynote & book signing

Young Adult Activities

   Nighttime Hangout & Discussion
Friday, 9:45pm–11:00pm
Location: Main Street Coffeehouse??
Maybe Greg Mortenson will drop in for a bit!

   YA Lunch Table at the Laurel Club
Saturday, 11:30am

Dinner at Square Pizza
Saturday, 5:15pm
Pay your own

YA Hangout Corner
YA-only spot for free snackies and games.

Housing at Stone Church

Need a place to stay?
Stay in the Stone Church (across the street from the Auditorium).
Showers, air mattresses, and snacks!
Only $10 per night/person.  Friday & Saturday nights.

For housing, directions, questions, rides – Call Erica: 517-88-6535

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