Canada West YAs

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Young Family Camp

The Canada West Mission has hosted Young Family Camp at the Hills of Peace Campground for the last four years. Young Adults and their families share in intergenerational learning. This year’s focus was “Superheroes of The Bible”.
We got to make capes. How cool is that?!

Young Family Camp has been the starting point for some on their journey to deepen their faith. A number of young mothers from the church invite friends and their children to come. This is an excellent opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and how the Community of Christ lives out that gospel in the world.

A weekend camp is easier for many young adults to attend. Week-long reunions can be difficult to commit to because of work requirements and summer schedules.

We have four intergenerational sessions and campfire. (But we lose a lot of people when they have to put little ones to bed!)

On Saturday evening, after all of the kids are asleep, we meet in a common area within baby monitor range. Then we break out the snacks and have an adult chat/visiting time.

Sunday morning we conclude with a closing service and then head for home.

Young Family Camp has been a wonderful experience! We have enjoyed some great guest ministry over the years.

Vision Project: Canada West

In early June 2010, the Canada West Mission Centre young adults gathered at the Hills of Peace campground for a Vision Project gathering.

The purpose was for us to meet, get to know, and ask questions of our president, Steve Veazey. He has made a pledge to personally listen to the needs and wants of young adults in our church. And this was our opportunity to help him “put his money where his mouth is” so to speak.

It was a great experience, because many of us hadn’t been together at our campground since our senior high camp days, which for all of us was at least two years ago. (This seems like forever to us).

One of our best activities was a “World Cafe” where we all drank our own homemade specialty coffees. We ate scones and biscotti while we discussed serious issues centering around our home congregations and our global church.

The main themes that came up were “acceptance”, “openness”, “hesitance”, and “needing to define our own direction within the church”.

We realized that we all have individual opinions about how things should be done. But we all agreed that certain things needed to be done. We also learned that World Church has put together many resources designed for young adults who wish to know more about the church, but we had no idea they existed. So, we should be take more action to seek information, instead of just assuming there is nothing for us as a group.

Even though we had many hours of great discussion, there was one event that was truly the highlight of the weekend. For the first time at a Vision Project we had a marraige engagement!  That was a very special moment for us all, because we were among very close friends and relatives. We had all just renewed our relationship with one another and our God, so we could truly value this commitment and the excitement that it brought.

No everyone will be able to get engaged at a Vision Project retreat, but I encourage all young adults who can attend one to take advantage of this great opportunity! Not many organizations, let alone churches, can say that their leader is taking the time to learn from young adults all over the world. He wants to let us guide him in his leadership and the future direction of that organization.

This offer was extended to us, but it is one that we must fully participate in to get the best results. If we do not speak, our leaders cannot listen.

Submitted by Dan Woynarski

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