I Choose To Be Revolutionary: SPEC 2010

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Story and Photos by Wayne Allen

What does it mean to be revolutionary? To me, it means to lead yourself and sometimes others to a new way of thinking on certain issues, or to look at something from a new perspective.

One thing I find amazing about Community of Christ camps, is how quickly participants come together to form a community, which will only grow in strength. Looking back on the experience, I believe Spectacular 2010 participants were able to form a divinely-created community to see the gospel how it is supposed to be lived out. Formation of the community became evident in the Wednesday night service when President Steve Veazey was moved to tell of an experience he had with the Holy Spirit during that service.

After that experience, many people used Steve’s testimony as a reference point for the camp. In fact there were no boundaries among us, only love. It was interesting that President Veazey also shared in devotions with the West Pony delegation after the service. Much laughter and tears were shared during those devotions.

That experience served as an eye-opener for me. I have been struggling with the concept of vulnerability and to be comfortable enough with myself and my surroundings to truly be who I am. One of the daily themes was revolutionary vulnerability. As a result my understanding has been further developed. I will not say I am there yet, but I am on my way.

Other daily themes included revolutionary invitation, inclusion, grace, and generosity. Tuesday night a campus wide worship was held in the football stadium. President David Schaal gave the keynote address. The offering helped SPEC to become the first large donor to the church’s human trafficking fund. Over $5,000 was raised.

I had no idea of this prior to SPEC, that Quaker author and theologian James Mulholland would be in attendance. He was at my branch several years ago to do a workshop, and I purchased his book, If God Is Love . This summer I picked it up to read for the first time. It was neat to spending time with him at SPEC and to pick his brain about the book. The good news is that I was able to finish the book while I was there.

To quote the book, “I need to get out of the pew and into the world. The religious were to be agents of transformation rather than allies of the status quo…. The problem with waiting is that nothing really changes. The problem with the change is that it requires our involvement.” To me those lines speak of being revolutionary.

I could say a great deal of things about this revolutionary camp. To make a long story short, this year SPEC reaffirmed to me why I am a member of this church. Because of the community and the love that was shared on and off the court, I believe we have heard the message loud and clear. It’s time for a new way of thinking. It’s time for us to be the change this world needs to see…

Wayne Allen is Editor of the YA Blog.  Find him on Facebook.

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