Worth Of All Persons

Johannes Egbert Gjaltema
As a young adult and a youth/young adult minister in the Western Europe Mission Center, I have a rich testimony that God views everyone as having equal worth. Three years ago we held a young adult seminar. Topics included spirituality, history of the Community of Christ, Paul, and theology. During our discussions, we noticed that we had differing opinions, beliefs and perceptions on the various topics. However, our testimony is that even though we had real differences and disagreements, we acknowledged that we all had equal worth. In many of our other young adult activities, we try to live this Enduring Principle.

My own personal experience also reflects this important principle. Before I became a full-time minister in the summer of 2006, I traveled to France for youth ministry. While in Toulon I learned that one of my best friends, my youth minister, was planning to resign his position. When I heard the news, I was disappointed and shocked. How could anyone replace him? He had such wonderful talents and everyone liked him. Then I was surprised when he mentioned that maybe I could do the job. Me? How could I even come close to doing a job that he did? Over the following months, I began to sense a call to youth ministry. I have learned now that God has called each one of us to service. We do not have to be smart, rich, or good looking. Rather, we just need to be ourselves because God views us with inestimable worth.
We are all called in different ways. We just need to be open for it and to show our willingness to serve by responding to the call.

Johannes Egbert Gjaltema is a Youth and Young Adult Minister serving Western Europe Mission Center. He lives in the Netherlands. Find him on Facebook.

Read the “We Share Document” with our 9 Enduring Principles,including “Worth of All Persons”.

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