World Conference YA Activities Review

Becky Schneider

The 2010 World Conference was my first time attending as a young adult. There were so many young adult activities for us to attend during the week! I loved the informal gathering at Sheridan’s Frozen Custard – especially the turnout on such short notice!

I was one of the last to arrive, and there were already about 75 young adults there, talking, laughing, and catching up!

One of my favorite activities was the young adult worship service on Tuesday evening. Even though Tuesday had already been a long day, I was blessed to take part in the service and Agape Meal. Carla Long shared a hilarious and inspiring message about showing hospitality during the week—challenging us to show hospitality even when we are tired, hungry, or even irritated! I so appreciated this challenge from Carla during Conference when I almost constantly felt tired, hungry, and irritated!

I was so thankful to World Church Leadership for being present at so many of our events. I know they had to be involved in meetings, luncheons, and were incredibly sleep-deprived. However, their presence at our gatherings meant a lot to me because I realized our thoughts, participation, and overall presence at Conference was important to them. I would really regret not thanking Erica Blevins Nye and the rest of her team for planning all of the events. I cannot imagine all of the time and effort they had to spend before, during, and after Conference to pull off all of the events! I am so thankful for her leadership!

Here’s An Overview:

Over 200 young adults attended the WC10 Young Adult Dinner on Sunday.

We jam packed Main Street Coffee House for hours during Open Mic night.

YAs met to explore our options for creating a Young Adult Caucus in 2013. The vast majority liked the idea of creating an “informal YA caucus” for all YAs to attend without missing their priesthood caucus meetings.

150 of us crowded around the firepit for an International Campfire on Sunday night.

Peace and Justice Ministries hosted a special young adult forum on Community of Christ peace and justice around the globe.

We had LOTS of snackies in the Young Adult Lounge.

Andy Robinson’s YA Twitter feed kept us up-to-the-second informed.

It was a BIG SUCCESS!  Young adults made an awesome showing – in and out of the conference chamber.  Who says young adults aren’t interested in the church?!  We’ll see you in 2013!

Becky Schneider is the Youth/Young Adult Minister in Western Ohio Mission Center. She is currently enrolled in Community of Christ Seminary. Visit her blog.

Were you at 2010 World Conference?

What did you think of our young adult activities?

What should we keep, lose, and add for 2013?


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