Rebaptism: A YA Perspective in Brazil

Poa Congregation, Brazil

     Rebaptism is a very controversial topic here in Brazil, not only for the older adults, but for the younger ones too.    Brazil YAs with Apostle Mejia

    Our pastors and leaders have explained things to us very well and we clearly understand the need to follow the doctrine of our church.  We know that our church has years of tradition, and it is truly built on a solid foundation of teaching and doctrine.  And so we have had the opportunity to understand the need for rebaptism.

    Admittedly, we have often felt uncomfortable with the situation since it implies that we are the only ones with the truth and that those brothers baptized in other denominations do not have a valid faith.

Right now, when we reach out through evangelism and we meet young people who have drifted away from other churches, it is difficult to help them understand that to join the Community of Christ they must be rebaptized.  We find ourselves at an impasse due to a teaching they have often already learned: that there is only one baptism and only one Spirit (Ephesians 4:6.)  They hardly ever accept rebaptism because they think that it is a great sin.  Obviously this causes many people to negatively judge us.  But thankfully with God we are able to work around these difficulties and challenges, and we believe that the church in Brazil will grow.

Young People of the Community of Christ,
Poa Congregation, Brazil

Find the Conditions of Membership resolution, discernment, & resources here.
Voice your own view in our Young Adult Survey: Conditions of Membership.

What’s Your Perspective?
What is your experience with rebaptism in Community of Christ?
Have you participated in discernment to consider the issue?

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