Define Our Moment – The Time is Now!

Jayson Gray

This is a defining moment in the life of the church! Defining
moments occur at the juncture of fear and hope, challenge and opportunity,
hesitancy and faithful response…. Young
adults, the church needs you. We need you now. We need
you to help us become who we are all yearning to become
“A Defining Moment” Pres. Veazey’s address; April 5, 2009

    In President Veazey’s
April 5th address to the church, he stated “This is a defining moment in
the life of the church!”  That idea gets
me excited
because I feel we’re on the edge of something big! IJayson Gray’m full of anticipation, excited I have an
opportunity to be a part of it.

much as this is a defining time for the church, I believe it is also a defining
time for young adults.  Now is the time
we must decide if we a
re ready and committed.  What we are going to do with the
opportunities and needs in front of us?
We may be at the edge of something big… but I don’t believe we’re fully there
yet.  We need a push to propel us off the
edge and into the possibilities that lie ahead.
The time is now – for young adults throughout the church to step up and
be that push to propel the church and its ministries forward!

   If you’re like me, you may be wondering what we can do.  As I ponder that, I come back to the now
familiar question: What matters most?
Are we using our time for the things that matter most?  I work 40 to 45 hrs a week, and the time I’m
at home seems to be filled with mowing the grass and other tasks around the
house.  Most recently my wife and I have
spent a lot of time preparing for the birth of our first child which we’re
expecting at the end of the month.  There
are a lot of things that fill our time, which often makes me want to say
no.  Yet, with God nudging me, I say yes
and find time for the important things, like helping with a week of Vacation
Bible School.  We’ve also said yes to
serving on a YA visioning team for the area and participating in activities we
feel push us and the church in the right direction.

   In addition to our time, I wonder if young adults are using
our money in the ways that matter most?
I’ve heard figures before which show older people, living on fixed
incomes, are giving more money to the church than young adults are.  If our generation wants to take the helm of
the church, we’ve got to take on more financial responsibility.  How can we ask the church to serve us, help
us, and give to us if we don’t first give to support the ministers and programs
of the local and world church?  My wife
and I have found it successful to setup automated monthly giving.  You simply fill out a form available on the
church website, and then they debit your account each month – it’s that easy.

   There are certainly many ways each of us can share our time,
talents, and resources.  What are you
most passionate about? What is your contribution?  Now is the time to take that passion and
fire, to fan the flames, and share what’s burning inside you with other young
adults!  For only by spreading it, can we
fully engage everyone needed to make the most significant impact in our

   What are you doing?
Share your ideas so that we may all support each other, learn from each
other, and come together, united for the greater journey that not only lies
ahead of us – but that we are already traveling on!  The Time Is Now!

Jayson lives in “the shadow of the Temple” and actively serves on the Central Mission young adult visionary team.  He’s so excited to meet his newborn son at the end of July and can’t wait until he’s old enough to go camping, hiking, horseback riding, and snow skiing together!

What’s Your Perspective?:
What are you doing to propel Community of Christ and its world-changing ministries forward?

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