Australia’s YAs

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Meet our CofChrist YAs in Australia!

“Boost” YA Retreats

These annual retreats are aimed at YAs from all over Australia, with the majority coming from Sydney and Melbourne.  It’s held in winter over a long weekend. We usually have anywhere from 10-25 YAs attend.
We have found that these YA retreats are really successful in reaching to YAs in Australia, as it’s a chance for them to relax and receive ministry.  We make a real effort to run it with either Australia Mission Centre staff or other adults. We try not to have YAs doing any of the organising, as they are doing this year in, year out with congregational activities and other responsibilities. It’s their time.

“Discover” Camp

“Discover” is a week-long camp held in January (Summer!). It’s hot.  This youth and young adult camp is held at one of our church campgrounds. “Discover” is a really great experience, with between 25-40 participants. It’s aimed at leadership, education and development.

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