Unchurched Grace

Brian Ober

As a life long member of this church and a disciple of Christ, the theme “Be Vulnerable to Grace” paints a specific image in my mind
and places specific stories in my heart. These Brian Oberimages and stories give me comfort and I am overcome with a sense of peace.   But as a pastor to a number of “unchurched” and a minister called to the lost, I am overcome with a different set of emotions, and new thoughts and new images now come to mind.
I believe that our church has a calling to be a reflection of God’s love and Christ’s life.  And
when we can provide an environment that is a truer reflection of that love and that life, then the broken and lost will respond and God will encounter them and will heal them.
For many, being vulnerable to grace is not a moment, but a process.  So that begs the question…
What do WE need to change in order to provide an environment that encourages and invests in this process in a world where:

  • There is an increasing number of individuals struggling with substance abuse.
  • Sexual addiction is wide spread.
  • Poverty is impacting more and more lives.
  • More and more people come from broken and unhealthy families and now struggle with building
    healthy and solid relationships.
  • There is a high degree of mistrust in religious institutions and those claiming spiritual

Brian Ober-OBamaI believe that God is calling our church to make significant and dramatic changes in order to better meet the realities of those we are called to serve.
I believe that if we simplify and focus on our calling to the lost, deal head-on with the realities of this world, openly reflect
God’s unconditional love (black, white, gay, straight, tall or short), and focus on building disciples of Jesus, we will find that not only will our
community grow but we will see lives radically transform as God’s Grace heals them and as Jesus calls them.
My hope and prayer is that this theme inspires you to be a voice for the lost and an advocate for change.  Together let’s build a community that is better equipped to meet these needs, let’s take the light of God and peace of Christ to them.

May God Bless You –
Brian Ober
Pastor, OnEdge Ministries
Ephesians 2:19-22 (The Message)

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