Financial Stewardship: Rent, Borrow or Barter

by Kat Hnatyshyn, Community of Christ member and author of “Kat’s Money Corner” for the Kansas City Star “Dollars and Sense” blog

Kat Hnatyshyn

Kat Hnatyshyn


The road to financial health is a marathon, not a sprint. Along the way, we pick up a few paces by saving chunks of change wherever possible. They definitely add up, and so do the dollars we don’t spend.

Check out CommunityAmerica Savin’ Maven Kat Hnatyshyn’s most recent post on The Kansas City Star’s Dollars & Sense blog where she shares why some of the easiest purchases to avoid are the one-and-done items – things we may need at the moment but will likely never use again.


An Invasion of the Spirit

10347080_10152609914469626_2762262453570255050_nby Wayne Allen

Recently the town where I work, Portsmouth, Ohio was invaded. The word invasion can take on different meanings, in this case the town was invaded by the Spirit of God, through an event called City Invasion.

The event was held at Spartan Municipal Stadium. For months prior to the event, volunteers and organizers canvassed the area with promotional material. The event was held with a great deal of anticipation about the amount of people that may attend. Before the event, one city official said organizers were anticipating as many as 20,000 people to be in attendance! Invasion filled Spartan Municipal Stadium with various performers booths and activities for participants to take part in. I have to admit I showed up to the event a couple hours into it, by the time I got there the group, We As Human, were taking the stage. Although they are not the type of band I listen to all of the time, I was impressed with the amount of people that were there for the show. After a while there was some BMX riders and pro-skateboarders that gave demonstrations.

Right after the artist Thi’sl’s performance, event organizer Amy Lambert took the stage to address the thousands of people in attendance. Lambert told the crowd about her life experience when it came to drugs and being an addict. She said it was because of a message she received from God in 2009 that she changed her life around and began working on what would become City Invasion.

After her testimony, Lambert extended an invitation for those that might have been moved by her testimony to be prayed for by a team of ministers that were standing by. Out of the thousands of people in attendance I would guess several hundred went to the tent to be prayed for. At this point I was sitting at the top of the home bleachers in the stadium to get a perspective on the amount of people in attendance. After those that wanted to be prayed for arrived at the tent, the remainder of the crowd was invited to join them in support. Several more people went to the tent in support. The invitation was also afforded to those in attendance to get baptized that night by local ministers. Several accepted the invitation and were baptized.

Seeing this take place from a ‘birds eye view’ it brought a tear to my eye. To me, it was evident the Spirit of God had a hand in this event . It also reminded me that we live in a community that can sometimes be divided on a lot of issues and topics, but during that time and experience we were not a divided community, but a community celebrating and rejoicing with those making the choice to follow a God that brought us all together in the first place. Was this area ready for City Invasion? I would venture to say we were more than ready. And for those that chose to be prayed for or baptized that night, their life was invaded and hopefully changed as a result.


Community Event: October 5, 2014 – President’s Address (Live Webcast)



President’s Address – Live Webcast (find all the info you need on this link)
October 5, 2014, 6:00 p.m. CDT

Use #AskSteveVeazey on social media to ask questions!

Check out these Suggestions for Worship  to use with your congregation or YA group!

We look forward to being together through live webcast at 6 p.m. (CDT), Sunday, October 5, when you are invited to gather at churches and homes for the President’s Address on

On October 5, President Stephen M. Veazey’s address “will focus on the joy of generosity as a spiritual practice that draws one closer to God and others. I will also provide an official interpretation of the church’s teaching and practice of tithing to support Christ’s mission throughout the world.”

Following the address, President Veazey will answer your e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook questions live!

In preparation, please invite people to:

We look forward to this opportunity to discern together.

Live webcast testing: September 25-26 and October 3-4



Sunday, October 26 from 1pm-3:30pm @ Community of Christ Temple

We had a great turn out after the Peace Colloquy last year! Let’s have an even better one this year! You do not have to be a YA Minister to attend – just interested and supportive of YA Ministries! ANYONE interested in YA Ministries is invited!
Join us for a YA Ministers Gathering at the Temple following the Peace Colloquy! (Even if you can’t stay the whole time – feel free to drop in) We will have time for networking with other YA Ministers, sharing helpful #YAMinistryResources, and connecting with each other!


We will also share lots of info and news about a YA Ministers of Community of Christ Weekend we are planning for the Spring 2015 (March-ish)!!!Contact Rachelle @ for more info AND to RSVP!

Sponsored and facilitated by the Young Adult Ministries Team


PeaceLoveCoffeeMugPEACE & COFFEE! – Saturday, October 25 @ 9pm-11pm at Main Street Coffee

Drop in to Main Street Coffee on Saturday night!
Connect with your friends, enjoy the music, and indulge in the coffee!!!

If you’re interested in playing/performing during the event – just let Rachelle know!
Anyone is welcome :)

from the Young Adult Ministries Team


pc2014 logo

POVERTY: GOD WEEPS – Facebook Event

Come to the 21st annual Peace Colloquy, the first in a two-year series focusing on the Mission Initiative of Abolish Poverty, End Suffering. There are vital issues we need to understand to accomplish this initiative.

  • Where does poverty come from?
  • Why is charity not enough?
  • What do we need to learn about how “doing good” damages the most vulnerable?
  • How is God calling us to respond more holistically?

Be part of this year’s Peace Colloquy as we discuss and learn about approaches to abolishing poverty that work and are leading to sustainable, long-term change.

Emily & Andrew’s Peace Corps Adventures: Jumping Together

 big jump

Andrew – Pacific City, OR

by Emily Allen Nilsen
Re-blogged from: May We Suggest

I’ve always loved jumping pictures.

When I think back on good times with people I love, it amazes me how many jumping pictures I’ve taken. I think they show how much joy and excitement I truly get out of life. A good jumping picture, though, has to have some thought put into it. You have to make sure everyone is on the same page. Are we jumping on three or after three? Holding hands or striking a pose? Is the camera lady/gent ready? One…two…three…GO!

The past 5 years have been a series of jumping-picture-worth-events in my life.  I graduated university with my undergrad in Education.  I found and married an amazing, thoughtful, ridiculous partner.  After realizing I wanted to spend my life with said partner, I moved across the country away from my family and friends.  I completed my student teaching, taught for a session at an outdoor science school, and fell in love with a tiny charter school in rural Oregon.  I’ve  taught, laughed, grown, cried, struggled, and come so far.

Andrew has had his fair share of jumps, too.  While he moved home, he moved home with a fiancé and now spouse.  He’s shifted through changing friend dynamics, bringing a new person into his family, and entering the job world after college.  In a lot of ways, we have lived the emerging adulthood of the 20-somethings, even living our first year in Portland with Andrew’s parents as we yet couldn’t afford rent.

Transition.  Struggles.  Jumping.  Yes, jumps can be scary, but they can also be beautiful and freeing.



Andrew and friends – Columbia River gorge


Emily – moving to Oregon.


Nilsen Wedding Party


Mrs. Nilsen’s students – Outdoor School 2014

Like many other 20-somethings, we’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our lives.  While we’re no where close to figuring out all of those details, we recognized a few foundational truths: we love people and want to work on creating greater community and love in the world, we want to do some traveling before we settle down (house, family, etc.), and we want to embrace the adventures that life has to offer.  With all of these in mind, we applied to the Peace Corps last May.

After the long application, shifting and re-shifting our expectations, and the long hurry-up-and-wait-game (we’ll probably do a post on this whole process), we finally received our invitation!  We’ve been invited to serve in Nicargua as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Teacher Trainers with a leave date in August.  So we’re jumping again.  It’s what we do in life, right? We’d only been dating a month and we knew. We jumped. Who knows where this adventure will take us and what hardships await, but that is what life is all about.

“Things can fall apart, or threaten to, for many reasons, and then there’s got to be a leap of faith. Ultimately, when you’re at the edge, you have to go forward or backward; if you go forward, you have to jump together.” – Yo-Yo-Ma

Let’s do this.  Together.


Emily and Andrew are two young adult members of the Community of Christ! Stay tuned to follow more of Emily and Andrew’s journey of adventures in the Peace Corps!

jumping together

Andrew & Emily – Pacific City, OR

Coming Soon: Youth/YA Camp Leaders Training Resource



We’re working on a resource/training manual for Youth and YA camp/retreat leaders! ‪#‎YAMinistryResource


What would you recommend (or like to see) be included???
All suggestions welcome in the comments!


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